<script src=""></script>
new TWTR.Widget({
  version: 2,
  type: 'list',
  rpp: 15,
  interval: 6000,
  title: 'Behold the DERP of',
  subject: 'BOTCHED TWITTER',
  width: 250,
  height: 300,
  theme: {
    shell: {
      background: '#15008a',
      color: '#ffffff'
    tweets: {
      background: '#000000',
      color: '#ffffff',
      links: '#0088ff'
  features: {
    scrollbar: true,
    loop: false,
    live: true,
    hashtags: true,
    timestamp: true,
    avatars: true,
    behavior: 'all'
}).render().setList('scbotched', 'botched-twitter').start();
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